Veracruz reporter found deceased in Puebla

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Feb 172016

February 10, 2016 was a horrifying day for Puebla as the body of a Veracruz reporter was found dead by the armed men early in the morning. Puebla is located 15 kms away from the border of Veracruz. The reporter was Anabel Flores Salazar of Orizaba aged 27 years and she was taken off from bed by masked men having military attire and bullet proof vests. It was informed to family members that they were having orders for her full story at

missing veracruzThe reporter was quite introvert and covered majorly police news for the Orizaba city and she had not informed about any such threat issue to her family. Veracruz Governor mentioned in a tweet that her captors were travelling in two trucks, which were reported as stolen. It was a shock for the press community that the journalist was kidnapped and ultimately killed. The Committee to Protect Journalists also expressed upset reviews over this kidnapping issue. It was even said that Veracruz has become quite a dangerous place for the press world and the Mexican Federal Government should take steps to mark an end to such issues.

It is sad to know that 19 reporters had been killed in Veracruz since 2010, which was the time when Governor Duarte took his office. A reporter was found dead in 2014 concerning the pity issues for her lifestyle didn’t match her salary. She drove a vehicle whose costing was tough to pay by a reporter and she was dismissed with no reason. The dead body of Flores Salazar was found near Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca highway in the state of Puebla. Her French Bulldog was found abandoned as well.

Such issues are hampering the safety of journalists and making them get afraid of spreading true information to the world. This case was disheartening for humanity and shameful act of the people who can’t tolerate the virtue of truth.…

Controlling Zika Virus

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Feb 172016

There are many testing runs conducted to fight against the mosquito carrier of Zika (Aedes aegypti) and the other health problems like Chikungunya and Dengue fevers. There is SIT (Sterile Insect Technique) followed for using ionization radiation technique for sterilizing male pests. Sterile mosquitos are released into the population consisting of Aedes aegypti and it is anticipated that these wild males will breed with females. Sterile mosquito males might help to decrease the tendency of disease with no offspring being produced with the disease carrying elements.

ZikaThe coordination of this project is managed by Mexican Government and IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). The similar project was successful for dengue eradication from Mexico. If this goes successful for Zika also, it will be really helpful in getting rid of the Zika disease too. SIT method is well tested and successful for about 5 decades for agricultural pests, worms and moths. There are some specialists who doubt it to work out well for Aedes aegypti as the radiation treatment can hamper their capability for competing with the counterparts for mating purpose. Some opinions come with creation of a better option than radiation induced sterilization and undergo with genetic modification.

Oxitec is a British company dealing with genetic modification of insects and they announced that there was a successful trial done for genetic sterilization trial in Piracicaba (Brazilian City) and it reduced the number of mosquito larvae by 82%, which is a huge number. The facility was turned up in Brazil for production of modification of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in a genetic way in large batches for protection of the town population.

The goal is not easy to carry forward as even small pools of water become breeding grounds for these mosquitoes. There are 65 cases of virus revealed in 8 states without any report of pregnant woman. Scientists and experts are doing their best in eliminating this major problem out of the American states.

Sikh Actor refused to step into flight for not removing turban

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Feb 172016

It is a matter of 9 February, 2016 early in the morning. Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia was waiting to board a flight to New York City and he was disallowed for the same. The Sikh actor acclaimed that he was prohibited to travel to New York for the reason of refusal to remove his turban.

Sikh Actor refused to step into flight for not removing turbanAhluwalia is basically a designer by profession and he had appearance in The Grand Budapest Hotel. He was taken by security personnel boarding in Mexico City before boarding the flight in Mexico City. The bags were searched thoroughly along with him from head to toe.

Waris told the authorities that he was happily complying with the requirements of officials, but when it came to remove the turban, he felt it as an insult. He said that he couldn’t do it in public and removing turban for A Sikh is equivalent to taking off the clothes in public. He asked that he would do it in a private screening room, but officials refused the same. Aero Mexico employee immediately refused to take him to the flight and told him to book another flight. The airline gave a reason that it didn’t comply with security protocols and hence, they regretted the full story at

Ahluwalia is an India based American citizen and he posted the picture of his ticket on Instagram with the tagging for Secondary Security Screening Selection (SSSS). It was merely due to religious beliefs that this confusion occurred. It was genuinely not a nice thing for him, but the airlines followed the protocol. The major thing was that he was told to undress the turban in the crowd, which was a kind of discomfort for him. He said that it was not an appropriate thing and he was not allowed to board on the plane because of his beliefs and clothing.…

Mexico claims wrong body location of missing students

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Feb 172016

Mexico government had wrong claim of the 43 missing students in the rubbish dump. The families were looking forward to the body of their relatives and they were filled with agony on wrong reporting by the government.

A teacher training college in Ayotzinapa had these 43 students and they disappeared in the morning hours of 27 September in 2014. It is believed that they were seized on the orders of corrupt mayor, who had the association with drug cartels.

Mexico claims wrong body location of missing studentsThe truth revealed was that these students were taken to rubbish dump on outskirts of village and burnt. The event version relied on drug cartel hitmen having a claim of burning the bodies at the dump. On 10 February, 2016, the team of forensics investigators announced that this whole story made by government was hypothetical and had no factual here to read the story in detail.

The findings have been concluded and there is no proof of burnt people on September 27, 2014. The students will have to be looked for at some other location. The protest made by teachers of Ayotzinapa against the disappearance of 43 students. Unfortunately, the land of Mexico has the facts of having the highest rate of missing individuals in the world and there are about 27,000 people actually registered into disappeared category. Similarly, this year on January 11, 5 students were found disappeared while they were returning from a birthday party. 2 among those were identified from this issue, also Mexico remain in NEWS for Sikh Actor refused to step into flight for not removing turban, read full story at

The remains of a 19 year old boy named Alexander Mora Venancio was surely identified from the group of 43 people. The body parts were found in a dumped bag in the San Juan River. There was a great anger expressed by the families of students for the case of kidnapping and killing. The relatives of these students were invited by Pope Francis for a show of support for the missing people.

The parents of missing are actually curious to know about their children. The fellow parents went to landfill and they acclaimed that the place showed no sign of fire ever. People say that the claims of government are institutional lies and misleading for the sufferers. The government has actually done nothing for them. It is a distraction for the families of sufferers and the government tries to deceive people in the worst way. Parents and concerned people are actually made fools.

The investigation was pursued and the case remained open, which forced out the scandal handling. The new investigation was handled by forensic investigators with high stature. The officials were made to answer for the previous investigation and give reasons for its fakeness. Argentine Forensics Team started reinforcement of the historical truth and the disappearance of 43 students is still a mystery.

Mexico doesn’t only require an investigation of the disappeared students, but parents are also looking for the authorities to …